Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why You Need a Wine Refrigerator

 Wine Refrigerators

A lot of people are becoming wine connoisseurs and they need a wine refrigerator which will keep their wines in top condition.

Although a wine cellar may seem like the best option. some people just do not have the money for it. Hence, wine refrigerators have become the fastest and easiest solution.

A lot of people enjoy the fact that wine cooler refrigerators allow you to drink your white and red wines devoid of any additional cooling, as these wine refrigerators ultimately do the job of providing a stable cold temperature for quality storage of wines.

There are different types of wine, white red and sparkling. Different types of wines need different temperatures.Regardless what type of wine you have, a wine refrigerator will keep them in good condition, ready to be opened for any special occasion.Wine coolers range from small to large and from inexpensive to really expensive.

Before you buy your very own wine cooler, there are many things which you should keep in mind.Most people look for a wine refrigerator which will be able to cool the wine before it is served.

For those people who love this idea, they can choose to buy a dual zone refrigerator of two smaller refrigerators for their collection of red and white wines.

You should also look for a wine fridge which has vibration control. You want a wine refrigerator which will allow you to keep wines longer without affecting their taste.Humidity is another thing which you must be considered.An excellent wine refrigerator should be able to maintain the humidity levels and prevent mildew and mold from accumulating.

Look for wine refrigerators which have specially treated glass panes because they allow insulation and they give the refrigerator a stable temperature.This is especially helpful if you are to place your wine refrigerator in areas where the temperature is always changing.

Aside from the function, people also look at the design when purchasing a wine refrigerator. You will see an extensive choice of wine refrigerators today.The wine refrigerators today can be easily match with the other furniture and appliances in the kitchen and dining room.

Wine refrigerators need to blend in with the rest of the decor in the kitchen. You want your friends to admire your new wine refrigerator.

One of the things which you ask yourself before you but a wine refrigerator is how many wine bottles it will be able to hold. If you want to buy and store lots of wines, you will need to get a wine refrigerator of an appropriate size.

You will want a wine refrigerator which have shelves that can be modified easily. It is also a must to consider how may times you will be drinking wines.

As always we suggest reading wine fridge reviews online before making a purchase.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Danby Wine Cooler Makes a Great Gift

 The Danby Wine Cooler

Why does a Danby wine cooler make a great gift?

Although at times finding the right wedding gift can be easy, it can be a tedious task at others; your choices really depend on whether you are friends with both of the people getting married or just one of them.

There are many who only give presents to close friends while there are even more who are willing to give gifts to just about anyone. No matter the case, weddings are a great time for everyone to give gifts and make people happy.

My wife, in her search to find just the right wedding gift for her sister, decided to look into purchasing a wine refrigerator. Her sister is famous for buying appliances that gets easily broken or damaged beyond repair, and is known for her love for parties, my wife decided to give her fellow pea-in-a-pod a refrigerator. After a little bit of research and a few days online reading reviews, my wife choose a Danby wine cooler as a gift for her sister.

The Danby refrigerator has a mechanical thermostat, a no-hassle push button defrost, and very nice reversible door swing for convenient left or right hand opening. One of the best parts about this refrigerator was the warranty that came with it, 24-month coverage for both parts and labor, perfect for her sister.

After making her decision on which Danby refrigerator to buy, my wife finally made the trip to an appliance store. A few hours later, she emerged from the front door with a big, sunny smile on her face. She bought two refrigerators: one wine refrigerator for herself, and one wine refrigerator for her sister.

In general, a wine refrigerator, though bulky and a bit pricey at times, is considered to be an ideal, sometimes perfect gift for lovers who are getting married. Since they are starting a new life together as a couple, their new house is their first project, hence the need for home appliances and furniture. You will typically be able to find wine refrigerators on most major department store's bridal registries.

Giving a gift such as a Danby wine cooler is a great way to make sure your wedding present stand out from all the other gifts the couple receives. Sometimes, personal gifts, such as huge greeting cards or a caricature of both the couple can be given as unique gifts.

No matter what you choose to give as a wedding gift, remember that it does not matter what you pay for the gift, it is the thought that matters most.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Danby Wine Cooler

Danby Wine Cooler 

The proud Danby wine coolers are American made. The company has been in the refrigerartion business for over sixty years.

The products invented by Danby are best known for their quality, it is said that their innovations like the air conditioners, coolers, dishwashers and humidifiers have made their mark.

North America, being the world’s largest wine consumer, knows how important it is to keep your precious wine and alcoholic beverages in top cool form, not only to keep nasty external elements from ruining the alcohol compounds, consistent cool temperature also maintains that distinct spunk every time take a sip of your favorite nectar.

If you are looking out for a cooler just like this, then a Danby wine cooler is the one that can protect your drink in the best form.

You can store at least around seventy five bottles in a Danby coolers, thus it is understood that it can fit any budget and room. The DWC620PL-SC Danby cooler is one model that can hold up to six bottles of wine and has chrome shelves to hold your bottles securely.

It comes in the same standard height has the other coolers, which is around 0.7 cubic feet and weighs around 29.1 pounds which is approximately 13.2kg. This model is one of the good energy efficient among Danby wine coolers.

You also get coolers that allows you to place 12, 15 and 17 bottles in Danby. There are two cooler models that can hold 12 bottles. The open display type is one model that has been made out of tempered glass which enables you to see the wine and the other one is the close door type which comes with 2 front doors that opens up to showcase your wine bottles.

The front door model comes with an ice making feature. It can hold 4 pounds of ice and it has also got a beverage compartment that holds sixty beverage cans.

If you have a lot of storing to do, then you have to look at the Danby coolers that can hold thirty four to fifty four bottles. These models have cellar types display shelves, so you need to be sure that your bottles are tightly sealed. DWC 1534 cooler is one model that can hold thirty four bottles.

The Danby Silhouette Wine Cooler Series allows easy viewing of your wine bottles because its doors are made of tempered glass. This model comes with a safety lock and key and its shelves are made of stainless steel trimmings.

The wine cooler model number DWC2727BLS can hold fifty four bottles. This one is frost free and has also got a digital thermostat that provides a consistent internal temperature.

The wine is showcased very well in this model because LED blue light is used instead of an incandescent bulb. Like with all the other models, its shelves are made of stainless steel.

You can buy these products from the internet or from the nearby Danby dealers. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just a plain old fellow who likes the finer things in life, you’ve got to get your own Danby wine cooler.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Avanti Wine Coolers Keep Wine Cool

 The Avanti Wine Cooler

Wine can be a great drink for dinner, after dinner or in social situations.

The blends of natural flavors and many varieties of wine allow everyone to find at least one wine that is perfect for them.

Because of reported benefits of wine drinking and the growing demand for people to keep a good bottle of something for special occasions, wine drinking has grown in popularity.

It is important to ensure you have the right wine cooler to properly store your wine collection. An Avanti wine cooler just happens to be the perfect wine cooler.

Do you plan on starting your own wine collection? Becoming an expert in the art of winery? Having an Avanti wine cooler is a great way to start your wine collection.

Whether you need a wine cooler more for social drinking or one that will fit your long-term storage needs, you will be able to find what you need in an Avanti wine cooler.

There are many things to consider when you go to purchase your new wine cooler. First, the size. You might think you only need a wine cooler to fit your current collection however it is suggested to buy one that will fit double what your collection has now. Of course this is because by definition wine collecting implies you will be collecting wine bottles and your wine collection will grow.

Another thing to consider is the material that your wine cooler will be made out of. Purchasing a plastic wine cooler would result in having a wine cooler that is not as insulated as you should have; You would be much better off choosing a wine cooler that has an aluminum interior as it will conduct heat and cold far better than plastic.

It is vital to control the humidity and temperature to which your wine is exposed. Preferably, you should keep wine at 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and between 50-70% humidity. This should keep your wine tasting the best possible.

Because of the control you need to maintain over the environment in your wine cooler, it is best to choose a wine cooler with a solid door. A wine cooler with a glass door may show off your collection but I'm sure your collection means more to you than that. Glass doors offer less insulation which means the quality of your storage is less.

When it comes to being a leader in the wine industry, an Avanti wine cooler has been highly noted. An Avanti wine cooler offers not only superior performance but is sleek and stylish at the same time. You can also purchase an Avanti wine cooler that will fit under the counter, allowing for optimum space utilization, while still keeping your wine collection close at hand and ready to enjoy.

Since many collectors demand glass doors on their wine coolers, Avanti has specially designed theirs to filter out UV rays and to provide better insulation. An Avanti wine cooler comes with an easy to use control panel and digital thermostat which will allow any person to keep their wine collection stored perfectly.